China OEM Ladle Refining Vacuum System with Good quality

In 21st century,with development and widely application of the Vacuum Ladle Refining,the metallurgy industry moves the emphasis from the quantity to the various sort of material and high quality material.For the steel quality mainly indicates the purification of the material such as the content of the [H],[N],[O],[S],[P]components total amount shall be lower than 500 pm or less.To achievement of high purification for refining process just application for Vacuum Ladle Refining.

For the ladle metallurge,mainly are the followings 4 refining process:

LF ladle heating refining(Non-vacuum ladle refining)

RH vacuum circulation refining

VD vacuum ladle refining

VOD vacuum-oxygen decarburization ladle refining

HVEC have developed 2 series of products: Whole steam jet vacuum pumps series and Steam jet+water ring vacuum pump series.The whole steam jet vacuum pump series are the devices that use the steam jet and water cooling as the working media;steam jet pump+water ring vacuum pump series are the device that use less steam and cooling water as the working media and needs electricity.Whole steam jet vacuum pump series needs equipped more large output boiler and low cost of the vacuum pump system.Steam jet pump+water ring vacuum pump have low steam consumption but the higher cost of the vacuum system.Both series can meet the requirement of the furnace outside steel refinery.